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Tree Removal Lawrenceville, GA

Safety is our primary responsibility to you and our employees. Our unrivaled safety record in the area is evidence of the training and experience we bring to the table. Along with our state of the art tree service equipment, our best practices allow us to keep each and every tree service job safe. We look forward to serving your tree service needs safely. Service to us means doing the right thing every time and going the extra mile. We do our absolute best to go above and beyond the typical tree service company in Lawrenceville, Georgia. At Porterfield Stump and Tree, we pride ourselves on standing out and bringing you a friendly, professional and affordable tree service.

What’s in a Tree Service?

Aside from a license, bond and insurance, the single largest factor in hiring a tree company is the company’s reputation. With so many Lawrenceville Tree removal services near Lawrenceville, GA and Dacula, GA, it can be hard to choose. Porterfield Tree has worked hard to create a solid reputation for the work we do.

Porterfield Tree uses state of the art tree removal equipment to save you time and money. From cranes, to bucket trucks, heavy machinery, stump grinders, and a wood chipper that can chew just about any tree in Monroe, GA, Madison, GA, Loganville, GA, or wherever you need our help. Our Lawrenceville Tree Removal Service is second to none.

Correct tree pruning can allow a tree to flourish and prosper for years. At Porterfield Stump & Tree, we are trained and experienced in all aspects of pruning. We also provide an affordable and professional Lawrenceville tree removal service in Lawrenceville, GA and the surrounding areas. Trees need to be pruned due to a number of reasons: Age, structures, decay, lean, and death are the most common reasons. With all of our we give you the option to keep the wood, and if you prefer, we can haul the wood off and process it for firewood in Lawrenceville, GA.

Tree Removal Lawrenceville

Trees can be a great asset to your property when kept healthy, or the biggest danger to your property, safety and the safety of your loved ones when left without proper tree trimming. During high winds or a major storm even healthy trees sometimes fall and cause damage. Dead and diseased trees are the first things to go, all too often creating catastrophic damage. Being proactive about Lawrenceville tree removal around your property is the best thing you can do to ensure your safety and the preservation of your assets!

Call Porterfield Tree today and let the professionals take care of your trees today.

Tree Removal Lawrenceville GA

Don’t spend time and money on a tree removal project if you’re going to be left with a hassle. At Porterfield Tree our teams know that our greatest assetts are our customers and the reputation that keeps us growing. We are proud of our tree removal Lawrenceville, GA jobs and stand by them all. We know that every aspect of each Lawrenceville tree removal is important. From the first phone call, to picking up that last stick, we make sure to keep customer service at the forefront of our business model. We are happy to give you a free estimate for any tree removal project you have in Lawrenceville and the surrounding areas.

Key Benefits of Porterfield

Porterfield Tree has been providing a truly great Lawrenceville tree service for nearly 10 years. We are grateful to have such a wonderful reputation in the area as an affordable, professional tree service. We are licensed, bonded, insured with $2,000,000 of liability coverage. Porterfield Tree is an going member of the Georgia Arborists Association and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

When it comes down to it, our ability to remove, prune, plant, and care for trees far surpasses that of our competing tree service friends. Not only is this because of our level of expertise and knowledge in the industry, but also because of our state of the art equipment. From grapple trucks, bucket trucks and stump grinders, to loading equipment and climbing gear we simply have the means to save you time and money, no matter what the Lawrenceville tree service situation is.

Service. It means something to us. We mean it. When we arrive, our goal is simple; to leave you with a smile, and wanting to tell the world about our service! The best compliment we can receive is to get a review online that lets the world know how well we did. To put it simply, we don’t stop until you are absolutely thrilled with our Lawrenceville Tree Service.

We have been serving the Lawrenceville region for over 10 years. We have responded to the storms, and saved many houses from being destroyed. We have replanted hundreds of trees to help the area sustain a beautiful environment. We love this area, and we started as a small one-man-band. The Lawrenceville Tree Service that we provided was great, and our reputation grew. Our success is present at every job. With each tree we remove, and tree we plant, we grow and further our name as Lawrenceville’s most trusted tree service company.

At Porterfield Tree, we are proud of our team. Our staff and crew members are all highly trained, and held to the highest standards of customer service. From the first phone call, to the last stick picked up off of the ground, our team is motivated to help your project become a completed success.

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